For veteran devotees, Joy was likely one of the first amputee models they found video and picture material of on the internet. She’s been a right leg above the knee amputee since 1985, she’s been modeling since the nineties and has been active in meetings with devotees, as old pictures from Jama Bennett organised gatherings will show. There were times she had her own Scarlet Muse web site, but as far as I know it closed.

Since her modeling career spans quite a bit of time, I’ve structured the material I have of her in three periods: White for her early days as a blonde, Red for the years afterwards, with red dyed hair, and Auburn for the later years, my personal favourite because she there expresses the confidence of a more mature woman and has put on a little weight, which is doing her appearance a lot of good, I think.
This is by the way not to say she didn’t show confidence earlier. In fact, I’d count Joy among the amputee models who know what devotees enjoy watching, and who’s never been reluctant to treat us to her one-legged beauty.

Pictures and videos of Joy can be found here.