Right above the knee amputee Julia was born in Germany and currently lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. She goes by AmpJul as a model, for which she runs her own web site that can be found here.
Her marital status is unknown to me, but Julia is highy likely to be a mother since one of her videos (from 2012) shows her pregnant.
Reportedly she lost her right leg at age 13, due to an unspecified illness that led to amputation after a year of treatment in vain. It didn’t stop her to live a full life, and her bio states she loves travelling as well as scuba diving, especially in exotic areas.

Once she heard of the existence of devotees, she started looking at the world through different eyes, her bio also states. It also made her decide to model, and she does with a smiley and carefree attitude that expresses what she also states about being an amputee on her website: that she’s not considering it a hindrance and that it doesn’t stop her from feeling worth looking at.
Julia appears to have a certain liking for peglegs, so those who love to see a leg amputee use one, will find a few things to their liking with Julia.

Pictures and videos of Julia can be found here.

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