Massage is – I think – a wonderful thing. Both to give and to get, by the way. And apart from the beauty of the sensation of it as such – both active and passive – there’s a warmth and attention aspect to massage that I really love.
Of course I’m not talking the medical or injury related type here; I’m talking massage that is allowed to have the erotic aspect enter the field. Touching another person’s naked body is intimate, and consenting to let that intimate aspect speak freely adds a lot to what makes massage very exciting.
From a devotee’s point of view, massaging an amputee adds quite a bit of extra obviously. And maybe that extra comes in a way an amputee woman may well find easy to enjoy as well. Provided you’re not massaging ‘stump only’, this is giving erotic attention to her whole body, which will likely feel less objectifying and may pull the sting of controversy out of the actual touching of an amputee’s stump.

Whether or not what I’ve so far collected meets those criteria, is open for debate. I’d say see for yourself: videos can be found here.

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