Without Natalie, the world would not be the same for devotees. This sexy left leg amputee lady is not only a very well known model, she also runs a web site selling video’s and pictures of other amputee models.

Married and living in the south of Germany now, Natalie is originally from Lithuania. In 1991, as an 8 year old kid, she was hit by a train and – next to other injuries that turned out to not be permanent – she lost her left leg below the knee. Complications afterwards resulted in a re-amputation, now above the knee. Her bio on Natalie’s Palace states she started consulting doctors about it in 2004, and there are pictures of her amputation being above the knee from 2006, so the re-amputation will likely have been in 2005.
Nearly all material of Natalie as a model features her as the above the knee amputee she now is. Happily, she’s not shy to let us share in the beauty of her missing leg, and there’s quite a bit of good material on her on the internet.

Pictures and video’s of Natalie can be found here.