Rose Petra – now probably well in her sixties – deserves a place here because she was a pioneer amputee model. If memory serves me well, Rose lost her leg to cancer. She was from California, worked as a nurse and was a jazz singer not without merit.

Most of you were quite likely not even born when this cheerful – and alluringly busty – blonde was already showing the world how to be drop dead sexy with a high left leg amputation. Just to give an idea: Rose featured in a movie called Prelude to Happiness, which dates from 1974.
Consequently, video material of hers is pretty old. In fact, it very much looks like what it probably is: Super-8 footage made accessible on YouTube with all the haziness you’d expect of it.

‘Devotee-historically’, this is worth showing though. AMPIX, who shot her devotee movies (More of Rose is one, and I’ve meanwhile sourced more), was the first organisation actively dedicated to devoteeism and being open about it. Starting as far back as 1973 it closed business in 2004. For those interested, here’s a link to an interview with Mike R., one of AMPIX’s founders, a devotee himself who reportedly married one of his models.

One of the things I remember striking me when I first saw Rose on internet, was the jolly and totally carefree way this lady was being one-legged. She was simply showing it off with a broad smile, which did a lot of good to my then gnawing insecurity about whether I was allowed to find a missing leg very, very sexy. Rose was in fact the first woman giving me visible evidence of an amputee not minding to be admired for how she looked, unknowingly but of huge importance to my then feelings of guilt.

For which she fully deserves a place in this gallery.

Pics and videos of Rose can be found here.
This is the YouTube link to Prelude to Happiness.