As far as I remember, Russian born Tatiana Volkova lived in California when she used to model. She also had her own web site then – amputeelady.com – but that seems to have disappeared. In the early days of internet, high left legless Tatiana was one of the most sought after models however.

She lost her leg in a traffic accident that nearly lost her both legs and might very well have killed her. Having recovered from that miraculously well, whatever Tatiana used to write about herself had spiritual elements reminiscent of a mix between New Age and the hippies from the sixties. Personally I’ve always found them a little nebulous, it was clear they were the expressions of a grateful woman savouring the life she felt she had been given back.
Perhaps as a consequence, Tatiana was a protagonist of an amputee’s own beauty, and she was never shy and frequently coquettish with her very high amputation. Scenes of this kind – most of hers shot by ASCOT – are currently done by many models, in the mid nineties of last century it was quite a rare treat to see a one-legged woman be so gaudy in hopping, crutching, stump twitching and most anything else that’d make a dev’s heart beat over. And without a doubt she was aware of their existence, Tatiana’s modelling has always left me with the impression she was doing it from an inner motivation to express her special beauty.

There’s no recent material of Tatiana, but there’s lots of old stuff. It’s not very good quality, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking at. And frankly, this pioneer model should have had a place here much earlier.

Pictures of her are tough to find – hence no featured image – but videos of Tatiana can be found here.

A previous message regarding Tatiana’s presumed passing was rectified because there was no evidence of this being correct.

One thought on “Tatiana

  1. Hello, my name is Shane and I am a good friend of Tatiana’s . She lived with me for a year or so in La before she moved to the Carolinas where I lost track of her. I’m sad end to see that she passed away. I wondering if you know the date so i may honor her properly.
    Thanks in advance. Socadaddy@hotmail.com


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