The tease of teases

Our erotic liking comes in many forms. There’s of course the preferences for type of amputation(s), but within those there’s a pretty wide variety in what is it we particularly enjoy. Nearly all share the common denominator of watching though, which makes this a largely voyeurist attraction for most, including the tickling aspect of forbiddenness.

This forbiddenness moves into privacy invading territory when the amputee is not aware of being watched, which, for some, adds to the tickle as much as it’s ethically dubious. And we all know we have our devotee radar to not miss an occasion of sighting an amputee, it shall not be part of what this section aims to show. Ethically, I draw the line at the amputee consenting to be watched.

In terms of enjoyment I however don’t even mind that line, on the contrary. Seeing the amputee enjoy being watched for her particular looks, adds to the thrill for me. And very likely, the subject of The tease of teases is a special case of this. An amputee playing with her stump – or having it played with – is a major thrill for me.
Soul searching for the reason why, I’d say I’m above all fascinated by the of an amputated limb. For me, there’s a mesmerising thing in the motion of remaining muscles having lost their original motoric purpose, and any amputee at ease to demonstrate in detail will turn a broad smile of gratitude on my face.
Interestingly – at least for me as a man considering himself to be heterosexual – I find male amputees teasing their stump very exciting as well. Not as strongly as with women, but I’d still call it serious. This section therefore does not exclude the odd teasing guy.

Here’s the link to some examples.

As of April 10th 2016, this section appears in a reorganised form. Since the tease is more in the particular sort of teasing than in the actual limb(s) missing, I structured the large amount of videos in this category accordingly. Hope you like!