The Amp-Dev Dialogue

Five questions each, to be answered by the other, and get to discuss from there. That was the format we – Alicia and I – started from to come to a dialogue.
Geographically, we’re half the globe apart, so we weren’t actually sitting together. Nevertheless, this dialogue is presented as if we were, to make it as realistic as nine zones time of difference would allow.

There was prior agreement to not be sweet or diplomatic to one another. It was also agreed neither of us was going to be considered blunt, disbelieving or insensitive for saying things. The whole truth on the table was our aim, with mutual respect and an open mind as to the outcome of this. And we leave it for you to decide if it’s any good.

Since this had become a little longer than we’d perhaps expected, we’ll present this dialogue in parts, with each part addressing one or more questions raised. And depending on feedback and response received, there might be more.

Here’s the link to Dialogue (1).


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