Prosthetic beauty

Apart from emotional aspects, losing a limb makes an amputee face practical challenges. Those of leg amputees are obviously mobility related, but modern technology has vastly increased options for those wishing to use a prosthetic limb. It’s an individual choice to use one, and especially hi-tech artificial limbs do involve substantial financial costs, but they’ll enable most any type of amputee to lead a fully mobile life.

Devotees may not always welcome this technological progress, however. Controversial as it may sound, the perspective of the devotee – of some, at least – will look at an artificial limb fully replacing what was lost as an amputee’s special beauty being lost along with it. Let’s hope though they’ll understand  practical comfort comes before being found attractive, and let’s also not forget there are devotees attracted mainly to an amputee’s different ability. For them – myself included – an elegantly walking amputee using a prosthetic limb will have an attraction of its own, as there’s a special beauty in – myself included again – it being taken off.

Videos of amputees using prosthetics can be found here.