The Alicia files

The interview I did with Alicia has generated a follow-up I’m very happy to announce.
Starting these interviews was a first attempt at giving the floor to views and experiences other than mine. The Amputee Diaries made the second, and what I’ve called The Alicia Files is going to be the third: I’ve found Alicia willing and enthusiastic to contribute to this blog.

How is this going to look like? I have no idea, neither might Alicia have (yet), but we’ll just see. I’ve talked and discussed quite a bit with her meanwhile, and it made me trust that whatever is going to come out of her proverbial pen will be well worth reading. As a bit of background, she’s a sociologist who studied group and human behaviour, an expertise I expect to add to her personal perspective as an amputee.

Like with The Amputee Diaries, I wish these contributions to be written from personal perspective and experience. They are perspectives I’ll never be able to provide myself, as well as perspectives I regard necessary for any attempt to create mutual understanding between amputees and devotees. Which means they need to be independent, so I’ve given anyone writing them carte blanche.

Part – if not all – of what Alicia is going to contribute will also appear on her own blog. Here, I will file her writings under a separate menu item, so anyone will easily see which content of this blog was written by her.